Mental Health,
DSA Support

Supportive work is designed to help you overcome any barriers that might be affecting you, whether that's in your personal / professional / academic areas of your life.

It helps you to manage whatever might be happening for you and is a personalised support that's tailored to you as an individual.

This is about devising strategies to help you cope and give a third unbiased person's perspective on the various situations you might be facing.

This can be support work for a variety of different people, some who might want to understand more about the environment and the people around them, others who need help to achieve their goal or someone with a mental health condition and/or specific learning difficulties.

Mountains Meet Lake

Michelle, has made an enormous impact on my life. Allowing me to grow more as a person and find the reasoning’s behind mine and other people's actions.

Michelle was great and really helped me through a tough time. I learnt how to better manage my problems. I am very grateful.