Private Counselling

A Happier, Healthier You

At times, feelings and problems can feel overwhelming and we can find ourselves trapped in a vicious cycle that may seem impossible to break.

​Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you understand and potentially uncover sometimes unconscious, hidden links to your early experiences which can provide you with valuable insight and understanding of yourself.

*To get the best results from counselling it’s more beneficial to meet face - to - face but sometimes online and telephone
counselling can be an option.

Hand by the Sea

Michelle is the most amazing woman who has helped me continuously, she has given me confidence and support in some of my darkest times. I could not be more grateful for what she has done for me and I think she is a credit to the profession.

I would like to praise the professionalism, helpfulness, gentleness promptness and genuine care shown to me by Michelle. I am so grateful for the support given to me at an incredibly difficult time. Michelle really did make a huge difference.